Having leaked photos does not make a woman a “hoe.” Just because some bored, lonely, pathetic ass nigga wasn’t getting any they decided to dig up shit on women they wish they had.

Am I the only one that doesn’t find the word “babe” flattering? Regardless of if that’s a term used to express endearment for your significant other, I don’t necessarily find it special. I always think a persons name is special. It’s you. “Babe, baby, beautiful” is thrown around too often that it’s lost it’s significance and sounds quite tacky. I believe it’s something to be appreciated but it doesn’t show endearment for me personally. You never hear Spider-Man tell MJ I’m gonna save you baby. Lmfaoooooooo

Is it just me or is this the only generation in which males think it’s justifiable for a man to put his hands on a woman? The whole “if she wants to act like a man well she’s going to get hit like one!” I don’t condone women raging out and being aggressive at all. But if and when a woman does get upset and hits a man please it’s an impulse to hit back? Because she’s some sort of a threat really -.- oh it’s a reaction! Reaction my ass. Animals react and humans think. A man always has the option to resist and leave her ass. An animal hits back. The only reason you guys are even making this a big deal is because a pro football player was involved. What you BOYS are mad your team lost a player please GTFOH. Your BOY dragged his wife not picked her up out of sympathy for what his did. HIS WIFE. Fuck your juvenile way of thinking. If that’s what you will teach your kids then God please bless our future.

You’ve seen me

Try and fail

Time and time again

And still wanted me

Even after I didn’t want me

For that I love you.

- me, V.M.